piątek, 5 sierpnia 2011

50p customers

There are few types of customers in Primark. But let's just 
talk about two main types today. So we have 1 pound customers 
and 50p customers. These r the worst customers I have seen in 
my life. They walk around for few hours hunting for bargains 
and thinking everything in Primark is reduced. And when they 
Finally come to the till the first thing they say is not a 
Good morning but.... "Everything in my basket is 1 pound". 
Sometimes I feel like saying „is it really?" But I keep my 
mouth shut coz I know it's not worth it. But when I say to 
them that the item they had in the basket isn't 1p they 
suddenly change their mind and they don't want it. How 
pathetic is that? Out of 10 I would say a 100!!!! But in 
Primark we also have a 50p customers and it's the same 
situation likes with 1p customers but instead of one full 
basket they have two or three. Both type of customers end up 
buying around three/four things out of the full one/ two 
baskets. So If you reading this and you are one of them types 
I want you to know that Primark isn't a pound shop so stop 
putting everything you see in the basket and stop lying its 
all for a pound!!!!! 

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